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Creative holiday program

Lanzarote with kids' eyes

Children look at the world with their own eyes. From this point of view we have developed special holiday programs ...


Paintings of sand

We create paintings of sand. It doesn't matter if you prefer volcanic landscapes, animals or the roaring sea - there are no limits for your fantasy!

We use the sand of the island with its different colours and qualities. If you like you can bring along your personal favorite sand!



We are pirates and have been stranded on a lonely island. First we build a new boat of sand. Then we deliver a message in a bottle for being saved.



Letting off steam, working off aggression and stress with painting!

Carefully directed construction of stress and apparently uncontrolled leaving off help the kids to find repose and relaxation and to work off aggression and stress.


Painting like César Manrique

César Manrique is the most important artist of Lanzarote. He has effected that the island kept its originality and parts of it became national park.

Manrique has created many buildings and sculptures we meet all over the island.

Today we want to feel inspired by his art - he also was a very self-willed painting artist.


Treasure island

We create our own island - a dream island or an island with a hidden treasure ...


Fairy-tales from Lanzarote

We create our own fairy-tale and imagine a scene of action. Then we build this background by using different materials like clay, wood, paper, sand, colours etc.



Sculptures of sand

A large whale of sand!

We meet at the beach and there we form a huge whale of sand which is watching the waves - in between we cool down in the sea...


Painting with easel

How to feel like a famous artist - we are painting Lanzarote using an easel -  either with view to the sea ...

... or to the fire mountains.



Pirate boat in a bottle

And how does it work? How do we get the boat into the bottle? The secret isn't solved yet...


Painting with Cochenille-Lice

The Cochenille Louse lives on a fig-cactus and has its home among others on the Canary Islands. The pigment which is won out of the dried and treated lice was used to colour cloth and make-up and also for painting colours in former times.

Today in most cases a synthetic pigment has replaced carmine. On the other hand it makes much fun to paint with Cochenille lice. Every mixture leads to different shades of colour and very expressive paintings arise ...


Nightwalking - Searching for a treasure

To find the treasure we only make use of a treasure-map and a pocket lamp...




2 hours:  32 EUR/child
(7% VAT included)

3 hours:  48 EUR/child
(7% VAT included)

If you book 5 dates à 2 or 3 hours, the sixth one is free!
Reduction for brothers and sisters and group discount on inquiry.
Individual dates and subjects are possible.




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