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Self-experience Lanzarote

Holidays for your soul

Taster workshops art therapy.

The overview below shows our different holiday workshops... The workshops can be booked separately or combined... Prices and dates on inquiry.



Working with sand / set of 3 parts

Part I: Pictures and sculptures of sand

In this part of the workshop we occupy ourselves with the material sand and its different possibilities of forming or shaping. 

Part II: Finds and memories

Concrete finds lead us to our biography, to our personal story of life. In this context we meet memories we thought to have forgotten and get the chance to work them up in a creative manner.  

Part III: Labyrinth

A labyrinth consists of tortuous pathes, passages and blind alleys where you cannot continue. We take up this image to our personal situation - to try out different possibilities of acting and to find out new courses of changing parts of our lives. 


Play of colours - Lanzarote

We feel inspired by the Lanzarote colours und use them for our individual artistic expression.



Letting off steam, working off aggression and stress with painting!

Carefully directed construction of stress and apparently uncontrolled leaving off help us to find repose and relaxation in our need to cope with our daily demands.


Painting or forming Lanzarote

We try to translate our impressions of Lanzarote into own paintings or sculptures.


Working with clay - Set of 3 parts

Part I: Spontaneous creation of clay

We occupy ourselves with the material clay and learn about its possibilities. In this way there arise beautiful works which get a special value if they are painted subsequently.

Part II: Working with a block of clay

In this part of the workshop our material is a complete block of clay. We work out our sculpture out of the standing block.

All exercises are instructed - you needn't have any basic knowledge. 

Part III: Working in a field of clay

Here we are working in a limited field. We try to realize our artistic ideas within this field.

This part is also instructed and therapeutically accompanied.


Subject-centred workshops

Part I: Limits / Delimiting

How to draw lines? Am I capable to do so or do I tend to let myself be manipulated and feel bad about it?

Creative confrontation with the subject.

Part II: Contact / Nearness

How to get into contact? How much nearness do I need, am I able to endure?

Creative confrontation with the subject.


The elements - set of 4 parts

Part I: Fire

Part II: Water

Part III: Air

Part IV: Earth

Workshop of intensive self-experience, whilst we meet the elements in their most original form.


Painting of landscapes

Our motives we find in nature - first we try to draw them with carbon, later on we try to translate our drawings into paintings of water-colour...

These paintings have been created at a very romantic place - an old abandoned vineyard. We often choose the fire mountains or the sea as background, too.

You needn't have any basic knowledge - you are led to the different techniques step by step.


Fairy-tales - set of 3 parts

Part I: Creative translation

We occupy ourselves with a chosen fairy-tale and look for its central statements. After that we are trying to paint or form the essence of our reflections. 

Part II: The witch

Is the witch always bad or are there any other qualities? How do I react to the figure of the witch?

Creative confrontation with the subject.

Part III: Our personal fairy-tale

How does it look like - my personal fairy-tale?

We try to develop our fairy-tale - writing and/or painting.


She-wolf - set of 4 parts

Meeting our intuition.

We occupy ourselves with our instincts and try to find the she-wolf within us...

Instructed approach to the subject in painting and forming...


Full-Moon - Painting in moonlight

Full Moon has a special spell. It starts creative energy we want to translate into concrete paintings, sculptures etc.



Favorite dates or individual wishes of subjects after agreement!


Special activities:

Nightwalking at witching hour

Lanzarote at night. We discover a part of the island on foot. Small picnic incl.


Rallye Lanzarote

Come to know Lanzarote with fun! Exploring tour over the island with tasks and challenges.


Bike tour La Geria

including visit of a bodega / wine museum 'El Grifo'

La Geria by bike - experience the "wine-region" in another way! Including rent of a bike, entrance-fee and one glass of wine.



April / May / June

Art therapy, workshops, retreat.... Burnout... Painting holidays... next workshop dates.



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