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I recently came back from Lanzarote where, once more, I spent a very relaxing and enjoyable time.

This as my second time visiting the Island this year, but when I relate to the Island, I am talking about another one of a kind!

Far away from the busy and touristic places, but of very easy access from/to the Airport ( less than 30 mns ), lie two little villages called Tao and La Vagueta. I discovered both last May, for a week’s duration I chose to ‘ re-generate and fill my soul again ‘. I chose to combine flexible activities and my own free time, while practising various yoga practices but more importantly testing out a couple of ‘ Art Therapy ‘ sessions with Bettina, in La Vegueta!


Bettina and I had never met before. Our mail communication was very easy and efficient from day one as Bettina quickly understood my initial goals and she was flexible to suggest and adapt a programme that would suit me. Funny enough I had spotted her website two years before and I vaguely remembered the location. While making in a couple of searches I found myself travelling back in time where choices were already provided for those who were either looking for the Art side of things, more than the therapy, or vice and versa.


What my sessions with Bettina taught me from early stage was that I could, in a very organic manner, open up to various topics and with her guidance select one or two specifics to venture. I practised meditation with her as well as various mediums to express my thoughts within, for back drop, a very relaxing and chill out studio. This was ideal for me. It allowed me to work on inner guilt and most importantly to travel back to Ireland with the feeling that I had made a long life friend. Herself and those who delivered my yoga practises were very, very thoughtful, kind and loving and this meant so much to me at a time I needed care and support, being worried for health care results.


Strong of this experience, I signed in for another programme again, in November this time, and Bettina offered me to partake to a special Goddess week programme. I tested out a portion of it - two well filled in days were sufficient for me as I always need a bit of independence and free time to venture the Island and meet with other people - but this was a very special and enjoyable experience too. The guest house, located within the beautiful Bodega surroundings, formed an ideal back drop to the experience with its authentic Lanzarote architecture and great comfort. Vegetarian food was delicious and in line with the qualitative services Bettina likes to deliver. The days, inspired by Bettina’s researches and talks, were a mix of self meditation and shared art activities filled in with casual chats among participants. Warm friendship resulted from this and the great souvenirs for most of us of having found out that within each of us, women, a true artist and / or a goddess of its own kind resides! :-) and, should one be sceptical about it, it is still very fun to travel to the stories of myths and legends, and to let the mind wonder, while enjoying all the colors of the spectrum!


Bettina takes great care of her visitors or patients, in a very warm and supportive manner. I feel very privileged to have met her and I would most definitely recommend anyone to take a practise or two to start with, and let its inner travel begin ..   “ CL. Ireland. Dec. 2019.




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