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wed 12-14:00 h

sat   10-12:00 h

or as agreed upon.

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Retreat Calendar

Retreat and Workshop Program

For a quick overview you can find a Workshop Calendar in my Blog-Network.


Online Retreats

Extended program of Online Therapies and Retreats:

Art and Therapy Refuge




Spring 2022

Workshops and Retreats:

Art Therapy Retreat - Alter Ego Retreat - La Graciosa - Art Retreat - Frida Retreat - Trauma - Coping with Grief

March - May 2022



Summer 2022

Workshops and Retreats:

Individual Art Therapy Retreat - Taster Week - Wild Woman - Menopause Blues - Limits - Muse Whisper - Flamenco - MeditARTE - Masque

June - August 2022



Autumn 2022

Workshops and Retreats:

Individual Retreat - Lilith - La Graciosa - Muse Whisper - Flamenco - Frida - Alter Ego - Trauma - Sandplay

September - November 2022



Winter 2022/2023

Workshops and Retreats:

Silence and Creativity - Art Therapy Retreat - Christmas Retreat - La Graciosa - Soul-Cleaning - Frida - Flamenco - Alter Ego

December - February 2023




For a detailed overview regarding to the contents of my retreats and workshops please have a look at my program on this website.


Art and Therapy REFUGE

Online Therapy

Extended range of online offers:

Individual Therapy


Art Retreat Online

Art Therapy Retreat Online

Consultation hours:

wed 12-14:00h / sat 10-12:00h

or as agreed upon

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