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wed 12-14:00 h

sat   10-12:00 h

or as agreed upon.

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Retreat Calendar

Retreat and Workshop Program

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you can find a Workshop Calendar in my Blog-Network.



Online Retreats

Due to current travel and contact restrictions there are only individual retreats until February 2021. Instead we offer an extended program of Online Therapies and Retreats in our Art and Therapy Refuge



Autumn 2021

Extended online program

Workshops and Retreats:

Art Therapy Retreat - Art Retreat - Lilith - Frida - La Graciosa - Alter Ego - Sandplay

September - November 2021



Winter 2021/2022

Extended online program

Workshops and Retreats:

Silence and Creativity - Art Therapy Retreat - Christmas Retreat - La Graciosa - Rites of Passage - Frida Retreat - Flamenco - Alter Ego Retreat - Art Retreat

December till February 2022



Spring 2022

Extended online program

Workshops and Retreats:

Art Therapy Retreat - Alter Ego Retreat - La Graciosa - Art Retreat - Frida Retreat - Trauma - Coping with Grief

March - May 2022




For a detailed overview regarding to the contents of my retreats and workshops please have a look at my program on this website.


Art and Therapy REFUGE

Online Therapy

Extended range of online offers:

Individual Therapy


Art Retreat Online

Art Therapy Retreat Online

Consultation hours:

wed 12-14:00h / sat 10-12:00h

or as agreed upon

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