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Art and Therapy Vision

How I work


We humans are individuals, have our very own story...

A story we are shaped by... A story which controls our behaviour and our reactions in particular situations and regulates our relations to others...


A story that determines our personal satisfaction - our happiness...



As long as there isn't happening anything unexpected, we are generally able to arrange ourselves with this story.

And even when things are not running so smoothly, our 'symptoms' help us to be diagnosed, classified - and with a bit of luck - make us suitable for everday life again very quickly. What gets left behind, is our personal story that makes us unique.

We are reduced to a symptom, sharing this diagnosis with other 'carriers' - this turns us into interchangeable, robs us our individuality.


Get out of the drawer - focus on the root of the problem!


When we paint or create, we begin a journey into the unconscious.

Every stroke of the brush, every form, every colour is the expression of our unique feelings, dreams and desires, is a chance to discover our inner conflicts, old wounds or injuries and buried memories and to transform them.

A combination of creative work and intensive consultation may help us to find out what is torturing our soul and what makes us sick.


On the other hand, creative work can also aim at resolving old and new conflicts, developing behavioural strategies or showing possible solutions in a crisis.


In my therapeutic work I make use of the complete range of these possibilities.

It depends on the individual situation, if a therapy is more uncovering / psychoanalytic or more behaviour-therapy-oriented. Also a change from one form to the other may arise out of the course of therapy.


The focus of therapy is on the client!


His needs and his individual story determine both - therapy approach and course of therapy.

There is no 'typical' therapy - every client experiences a personal process individually tailored to fit the situation, in the course of which he comes closer to himself.


Therapy has to develop with the client. It has to be living, it has to be able to adapt flexibly to current events, it has to keep the client going, it has to support him and to accompany him - and it has to let go at the right moment...


Therapy may not serve as a substitute for lived or living life.


It can accompany us for a while, it can help us to find the roots of our problems, to develop behavioural strategies and to show possible solutions - but

at a certain point it's about time to leave the protected therapy setting again and to face real life on our own.


Me being on an island supports both - the process of deep experience as well as the important and necessary act of letting go for all those who decide to go into intensive therapy during their holidays.



When therapy can help me

Situation analysis

When do I need therapy? Indications, burnout test.

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Therapy Holiday Experiences

What my clients say

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