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When therapy can help me

Situation analysis

There are life situations or events in which you do not know how to go on.

These may be personal sense or life crisis, breakup or loss or job-related crossroad.


If we feel that we are losing our lust for life and our vitality, that we are involved in daily routines of our fears and bondages, it will be

Time for Time-out


Therapy can help me

  • to sit out a crisis and to draw new hope
  • to get over breakups or losses
  • to analyze problems of contact and relationship and to develop coping strategies
  • to carry out and solve conflicts or problems
  • to find out possible causes for psychosomatic discomfort and to occupy with possible solutions
  • to see crisis as a chance for my further development
  • to work out our biography to recognize capabilities we can make use of in our further lives
  • to cope with stress, to find repose, to search out resources and to develop new power and energy (burnout, rehabilitation)
  • to get over depressive moods
  • to encourage myself referring to job problems (mobbing)
  • to balance my talents and possibilities for a job-related reorientation
  • to accept and deal with disease in a positive way
  • to assimilate abuse and other traumatic experiences


Maybe we just feel discontent or dissatisfied, and we are looking for a new quality for our life. Also in these cases, therapy can be

A supportive companion.


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Art therapy

Art therapy can contribute to facilitation, alleviation or healing in cases of ...



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