Program 2020 / 2021

Consultation hours

Non-committal counselling interview


10-12:00 h

17-19:00 h

or as agreed upon.



Places for your Soul

My place to live and work in...

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Individual Art therapy

One-to-One Sessions and Group Therapy


You bring along your own individual subjects and want to deal with them intensively?

Art therapy can contribute:

  • to create your own individual world
  • to develop solutions and to try them in shaping with different materials
  • to let your paintings speak where you do not have any words
  • to make unconscious conflicts visible to be able to work them up
  • to give assistence in important decisions and critical life events
  • to discover moments out of the past which still influence our present life...


Individual Art Therapy / Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Appointments after agreement

65 € / 60 min.

(incl. 7% MwSt.)

Discount for children and adolescents possible.

Individual sessions, couples therapy and group therapy



Please feel free to call me during my telephone consultation hours

Mondays 9:00 to 16:00 h

for a non-committal counseling interview or contact me by mail...


Looking forward to your call or mail.


Bettina Klimpel



Regular group offers:

Biography work

Art therapy for adults

For all those who want to get closer to themselves..., who want to change their lives..., who want to experience the point they`re at today...

when: Monday 10-12:00 h where: La Vegueta


Midweek Muses

Creativity, Mindfulness & Self-Compassion

Regular offer

Open studio for adults

Why wait till you're feeling bad?

when: Wednesdays 15-18:00 h

where: La Vegueta



Art & Meditation

Regular offer



  • who you truly are...
  • what your life purpose is...
  • what your unique expression is...


Saturdays, 10 - 12 h 

Please do an advance reservation!


where: La Vegueta


Summer 2020

Retreats and Workshops Lanzarote

Due to current travel restrictions, there are no group workshops from March to August 2020. Instead we are offering intensive individual work and an extended online program.

June - August 2020

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Autumn 2020

Retreats and Workshops Lanzarote

Individual Art Therapy Retreat - Art Retreat - Goddess Retreat - Isla La Graciosa - Limits - The Wild Woman - Masque

September - November 2020

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Winter 2020

Retreats and Workshops Lanzarote

Art Therapy Retreat - Silence & Creativity - La Graciosa - Christmas Retreat - Soul-Cleaning

December 2020

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