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Lucky carriers and moaning ghosts

Art therapy workshop



Who doesn't know them -


best New Year's resolutions which are
hard to be realized...



Lucky carriers and moaning ghosts

Allow yourself to take time-out from daily routines and find
and peace of mind to reflect these resolutions critically
once again. 



What do you really want to change?

Any ideas yet or still in search of new targets?


Workshop Agenda:


Day 1 - Reflection
  • Reflection about the old year
  • what has been good or bad..
  • what we don't want to have any more...
  • what we want to intensify
  • Rituals and symbols to say goodbye to everything we want to break with
Day 2 - Targets
  • Working out our targets for the new year and translating them in a creative way
    • Chasing away bad influences
    • Focussing on our most important resolutions
Day 3 - Transfer
  • Transfer to our daily lives
    • We carry out our plans into the world, assisted by the elements earth, fire, water and air


15 h (3 x 5h) Art therapy and self-experience

428 € / workshop / person

(7% VAT included)



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