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Non-committal counselling interview

Mondays, 9:00 to 16:00 h

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Retreat and therapy

Burnout - crisis - turning points

Retreat and intensive experience of nature


Art project and art therapy in contact with the elements...

In the beginning of this project there will be an intensive counseling interview with the participants. In this interview individual subjects and personal targets for your week of retreat will be agreed upon.

This knowledge will be integrated into your individual enclosure program.

The project is therapeutically accompanied, besides you have the possibility of booking individual art therapy in project-free times.


This project is right for you,

  • if you need a strict structure which keeps you grounded, but at the same time flexible enough to deal with your individual subjects.
  • if you can imagine to work in a small group of max. 5 persons and to share your personal experiences with them.
  • if you long for direct contact with nature.
  • if you wish to (re-) discover your creativity and to express your feelings and experiences in an artistic way.


Retreat and Therapy


Daily program:

09:00 h Meditation
10:00 h Art project
13:00 h
16:00 h Art therapy
18:00 h Self-reflection and contemplation


By division in a project part in the morning, individual art therapy in the afternoon and intensive contact with nature during your contemplation time, you will experience a special daily routine that completely differs from your every-day routine and therefore gives


opportunities of

  • self-reflection and contemplation
  • retreat and slow-down
  • creativity
  • restart



Art project
3 h in the mornings / 5 days
Art therapy and self-experience

2 h in the afternoons / 5 days


749 € / week / person

(7% VAT included)

Number of participants: 1


Besides additional art therapy sessions can be booked. Fee after agreement.



If you wish, we can help you to find lodge or favourable flights.



Summer Program

Retreats and Workshops Lanzarote

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June - August 2020

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Autumn Program

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September - November 2020

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