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Art therapy workshop


Sand may stimulate to play, to lapse into the material...

Sandplay Lanzarote this spirit, sandplay may open the gate to our unconscious, may help to overcome blockades and to identify the sources of our anguish.



The workshop comprises 5 days. It takes place in the mornings (3 hours each day).


Normally, focal points become apparent in the first lessons of the workshop. We get closer to these key issues in individual and group settings. We discuss and document our creations by sketch or photo, after that we let them go and give them back to nature. Our sketch-diary will accompany us during the complete workshop.


day 1 my place of refuge - where I feel safe...
day 2 my roots - what makes me feel strong...
day 3 my enemies - what makes me feel angry...
day 4 my "spectres" - what makes me feel sad and helpless...
day 5 my wishes and dreams - what makes me feel happy...




Sandplay and therapy (5 x 3 h)

Price: 428 € / week / person

(incl. 7% VAT.)

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If you wish we can help you to find a suitable lodge or favourable flights.


Summer Program

Retreats and Workshops Lanzarote

Art Therapy - Retreat - Painting against Pain - Trauma - Coping with Grief - Taster Week - Sandplay - Art Retreat - Retreat for Women

June - August 2020

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Autumn Program

Retreats and Workshops Lanzarote

Individual Art Therapy Retreat - Art Retreat - Goddess Retreat - Isla La Graciosa - Limits - The Wild Woman - Masque

September - November 2020

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