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Soul cleaning at year's end

Rites of Passage


Rites of passage

Reflecting and letting go


Rituals of transition




The workshop comprises 5 days. It takes place in the mornings - 3 hours each day.


In general, focal points become apparent in the first lessons of the workshop. We get closer to these key issues in individual and group settings. We discuss and document our creations by sketch diary or photo.


Workshop Agenda:

day 1 Situation analysis - what I bring with me...
day 2

Reflection about the ending year...

  • What has happened?
  • What did affect me?
  • What did I like?
  • Did I realize my plans?
  • Which open fields have to be closed?
  • What should be changed?
day 3

Vision of the coming year...

  • what I want to change...
  • what I don't want to have any more
  • what I want to increase...
  • which dreams I want to make real...
day 4 Farewell and Restart - Preparing transition
day 5

Rituals of transition...

  • letting go
  • opening up spaces for new ideas




5 x 3 h - Art therapy and self-experience

Price: 535 €/week/person

(7% VAT included)

Group discount on enquiry.



If you wish, we can help you to find a suitable logde or favourable flights.