Biography online

Online therapy


Our project biography is intended for all those


  • who want to get closer to themselves

  • who want to change their lives

  • who want to experience the point they`re at today.



Significant reasons for occupying yourself with your biography may be disease, a difficult life situation or other critical events.

The project cannot be a substitute for a classic psychotherapy - but it can accompany or support a conventional therapy. Following the biography project an individual online therapy can be agreed upon.


Working on my biography can help me to learn from events or developments which have formed or still form my life and to draw conclusions for my future.


Possible kinds of subjects:

  • dreams which haven't been lived yet
  • diseases that force me to reconsider my life
  • professional reorientation
  • changes in social environment (family breakup, move or loss)


The main focus of the project is to create the fairy-tale of your life. You needn't follow a certain chronological order, and there is no claim of completeness - if you like you can choose significant parts of your life.


The most important aspect of our biography project is self-reflection:

  • Has my life gone well till this day?
  • At which point am I standing now? Are there any targets I still want to realize?
  • Is there anything I would or should change?
  • Am I happy? Have there been times or episodes where luck has left me?


If you once have finished the chosen part of your life, you can use your results as a basis for working out the other parts. Working with your biography is a process of permanent change and perseverative self-reflection - such as life itself.


The project is planned for three month - aiming at working out completely a certain part or situation of your personal life story.

If you wish we can continue our cooperation thereafter to reflect about other parts of your life, to intensify the developed point of view or to check your new targets.


We will accompany you during the whole online project.

  • a preliminary talk to be agreed upon
  • a protected online area where you can develop your personal fairy-tale of your life
  • work orders to be met by yourself - every 2 weeks
  • individual therapeutic contact by mail - also every 2 weeks
  • consultation by phone all 4 weeks (1h)


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