Program 2020 / 2021

Consultation hours

Non-committal counselling interview


10-12:00 h

17-19:00 h

or as agreed upon.



Places for your Soul

My place to live and work in...

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Get to know art therapy

Art therapy workshop


Time-out! - Time to try

Art therapy

Art therapy Lanzarote


Time for your soul...

Pause for breath!
Take a break from daily stress!
Take the time you need for recreation!
Find rest and relaxation!


Art, art therapy and self-experience

Get to know and experience different practices and materials

Individual targets or topics


Workshop Agenda:

day 1
day 2
working with clay
day 3
stone sculpturing
day 4
day 5
creative writing




15 h  (5 x 3h) Art therapy and self-experience

428 € / week / person

(incl. 7% VAT.)

Group discount on enquiry.


If you wish we help you to find a suitable lodge or favourable flights.


Spring 2021

Retreats and Workshops Lanzarote

Art Therapy Retreat - Alter Ego Retreat - La Graciosa - Art Retreat - Frida Retreat - Muse Trip to Fehmarn - Trauma - Coping with Grief

March - May 2021

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Summer 2020

Retreats and Workshops Lanzarote

Due to current travel restrictions, there are no group workshops from March to August 2020. Instead we are offering intensive individual work and an extended online program.

June - August 2020

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Autumn 2020

Retreats and Workshops Lanzarote

Individual Art Therapy Retreat - Art Retreat - Goddess Retreat - Isla La Graciosa - Limits - The Wild Woman - Masque

September - November 2020

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