Program 2020 / 2021

Consultation hours

Non-committal counselling interview


10-12:00 h

17-19:00 h

or as agreed upon.



Muse Whisper

Rediscovering our very own Creativity


Rediscovering your

Inner Muse

The Birth of Muse



Muse Whisper

Connecting with your Inner Muse



5 workshop days of 3 hours each. 


day 1 - LISTENING to the voice of our Inner Muse 

day 2 - PERCEIVING  our Inner Muse - do you feel her existence? 

day 3 - TOUCHING our Inner Muse - in which part of our body the muse is living and waiting for being awakened?  

day 4 - NOURISHING our Inner Muse - what does she need to be awakened and to grow? 

day 5 - GIVING BIRTH to the Muse


The 'Muse' is a synonym for our very own creativity. On each workshop day we will transform our experiences and give them a creative expression.


321 EUR / week / person

(incl. 7% VAT.)


If you wish we help you to find a suitable lodge oder favourable flights.